Guide: Layla Best Build, Constellation and Talents in Genshin Impact

Guide: Layla Best Build, Constellation and Talents in Genshin Impact

In this guide, we will tell you about the features of Layla, advise you on the best builds and squad setup, as well as select the right weapons and equip. we will present a general impression of the character and give recommendations on how to play as Layla.

Layla is a four-star character with swords and the Cryo element. Layla’s main abilities are associated with the stars, because according to the character’s history, she is fond of astrology and studies the stars. The girl constantly wants to sleep, so she always sees stars and as you can see in the preview of the character, she sleeps.

How to get Layla in Genshin Impact

Nahida banner The Moongrass' Enlightenment
You can now get Layla from The Moongrass’ Enlightenment banner in Patch 3.6 until May 2, 2023.

Constellation for this character can only be obtained with a copy of Layla.

Layla’s stats and what increases with Character Ascension

Layla has an additional characteristic – a bonus to HP. The peculiarity of this characteristic lies in the fact that it does not increase with an increase in the level of the character, but with his Ascension. In addition, the character’s normal health is also increased, as well as attack power and defense.

Layla Availability

All major Availability, Talents and Constellation buff the character as a Support and increase the effectiveness of Shield Absorption. While Layla can deal damage, her primary Availability is Fortress of Fantasy creates a shield that deals area damage and creates Cryo homing projectiles. Explosions of Cryo elements in a certain area also create charges and allow you to build stacks faster to use Secrets of the Night.

Let’s take a closer look at how Layla’s Availabilities work and how best to combine and upgrade them.

Sword of the Radiant Path – Makes up to three directed sword strikes with a standard attack. When an attack is charged, the ability spends some HP and deals two quick hits.

On a falling hit, quickly fly down and damage all enemies in its path, then deal area damage upon landing.

Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (E) – Creates a shield called Curtain of Slumber and deals Cryo damage in an area.

The peculiarity of this shield is that the amount of damage absorbed depends on the value of the maximum Layla HP. It is worth noting that the damage from the Cryo element is absorbed by the shield 250% more efficiently, and while the shield is active, the Cryo status is active on Layla.

Night Stars and Shooting Stars

While Curtain of Slumber is active, 1 Night Star is generated every 1.5 seconds, and if the currently active character uses an Elementaly Ability, the shield generates 2 Night Stars. but there is a limitation that Night Star cannot spawn more than once every 0.3 seconds. And there can’t be more than four Night Stars at the same time.

After Curtain of Slumber reaches 4 stacks, Night Stars transform into Shooting Stars and deal Cryo damage to enemies. Shooting Stars themselves aim at opponents, but are only created if there are opponents nearby.

After the shield ends, the Night Stars disappear with it. However, if they managed to transform into Shooting Stars, then they will be active until the end of their duration. Another thing to note is that new Night Stars cannot spawn until the Shooting Stars are gone.

Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) – Creates a Celestial Dreamsphere that releases Starlight Slugs that deal Cryo damage to enemies. Starlight Slugs also spawn a Night Star every 0.5 seconds after dealing damage. It’s also worth noting that the damage of this ability depends on Layla’s max HP.

Duration time: 12 sec. Cooldown time: 12 sec. Cost: 40 energy.

The order of leveling Layla’s abilities

The leveling order will depend on the role of Layla in the squad. We will tell you about the priority of leveling abilities for each role:

Support: Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (E) -> Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) -> Sword of the Radiant Path

Cryo sub-dps: Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) -> Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (E) -> Sword of the Radiant Path

As you can see, normal attacks are almost never used, if Layla in the squad only plays the role of support or sub-dps, then Sword of the Radiant Path can not be pumped at all.

If you want Layla to deal damage as the main character, then the leveling order will greatly depend on the artifacts used and the support characters in the squad. For example, when using the Retracing Bolide set, Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (E) becomes a higher priority in leveling. And if you use the Emblem of Severed Fate set, then Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) will be a priority. In any case, the main attacks of the Sword of the Radiant Path will also be used, so we recommend pumping them to level 8-9.

Layla’s Constellation

We recommend you use for Layla constellation: C2, C4, C6.

When using the second constellation, you will be able to accumulate energy faster. This will suit those players who constantly lack the energy to use the Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) immediately after the cooldown. But even if you have no problems with this, then you can choose more priority characteristics in your equip.

The fourth constellation increases Layla’s abilities as a support character and better reveals her potential in this role. This choice increases the active character’s damage while Curtain of Slumber is active, which is very effective in combat.

The sixth constellation allows you to reduce the time it takes for shield stacks to spawn and generate Starlight Slugs faster to deal damage. This constellation also increases the damage dealt by Starlight Slugs and Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q).

Advantages and disadvantages of Layla

After you have learned about abilities and figured out which constellations to use, you can note the main advantages of Layla:

  • To create a powerful shield, you need to collect all the HP increase bonuses, because this value increases the amount of damage absorbed by the shield, and also increases the damage from abilities. Accordingly, it is not very difficult to assemble the equipment necessary for this.
  • In addition to blocking damage, Curtain of Slumber can also deal damage when generating Night Stars and Shooting Stars. In this case, you do not even need to aim, the projectiles themselves will find their target.
  • The cost of Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) is not very high, only 40 energy, so you can use it often.
  • Character Ascension increases the HP value, making it easier to get increased shield and damage from abilities.
  • Layla is well suited for units using Cryo, Superconduct and Melt to absorb damage with a shield. It will be especially effective when using the sixth constellation.

Now consider the disadvantages of Layla:

  • In the case when Layla is used in the squad not only as a support, but also has to deal damage, it becomes much more difficult to find the right stats. Because the normal damage of the Sword of the Radiant Path is based on attack power, while the damage of the Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker (Q) and the shield value is based on HP. This is slightly offset by the passive ability Shadowy Dream-Signs, which increases damage by 1.5% based on Layla’s HP.
  • Not very high own damage until C6 is used.