Guide: Nahida Best Artifact Set, Weapons, Constellation and Talents in Genshin Impact

Guide: Nahida Best Artifact Set, Weapons, Constellation and Talents in Genshin Impact

Nahida is one of the seven Archons of Teyvat and controls the element Dendro. In the story of the game, she is also called Buer or Lesser Lord Kusanali. As a rule, all playable characters that are Archon are strong enough and definitely worth paying attention to. Nahida is no exception in this case, so in this guide we will look at all her advantages and argue why it is worth getting for your party.

Nahida’s gameplay is based on dendro reactions, because one of the main advantages of this character is the frequent application of dendo status to opponents, even when Nahida is not active character at the moment. It also significantly increases the active character’s Elemental Mastery, so Nahida is very useful already by these two criteria.

How to get Nahida

Nahida banner The Moongrass' Enlightenment
Nahida can be obtained while her character banner is active. You can now get Nanida from The Moongrass’ Enlightenment banner in Patch 3.6 until May 2, 2023. If you still decide to build your patry using dendro reactions like Burning, Bloom or Aggravate, then it’s worth trying to get Nahida as a team key character.

Nahida’s skills features

Normal attack
Since the weapon type is Nahida catalyst, all her attacks will deal dendro damage. Accordingly, the aplication of dendro status on opponents will be as frequent as possible. Of the features, it is worth noting that Charged Attacks consume a lot of stamina, so they are not very profitable to use in battle.

Elemental Skill
This is a key skill in Nahida’s gameplay, this skill allows you to mark enemies. Dealing dendro damage or dendro reaction damage to one of them deals dendro damage to all marked enemies.

Another thing to note is that while aiming with her elemental skill, Nahida is less susceptible to being interrupted by enemy attacks.

This skill also has other useful non-combat functions. Nahida can gather various plants and fruits from a distance if she uses her elemental skill to aim at them. It can also be used to read the minds of NPCs. This moment is shown in more detail in one of the quests associated with Nahida.

Elemental Burst
It is worth mentioning right away that this skill does not deal direct damage when used, like most characters. Therefore, in order not to form a false opinion about its uselessness, let’s consider its principle of operation.
Depending on the characters in the party, Nahida receives different buffs:
If there are Pyro characters in the party: Elemental skill damage is increased.
If there are Electro characters in the party: Reduces the interval of using the elemental skill.
If there are Hydro characters in the party: Extends the duration of the elemental burst.

In addition to Nahida, other characters, if they are active, also receive buffs. With her passive talent, Nahida increases the Elemental Mastery of the active character by 25% of the highest value of this characteristic of the character in your party. Also, some may increase the area of effect of elemental burst.

Nahida Talent Priority

Since Nahida is usually used as a support character, and not the main damage dealer, her Normal attack should not be upgraded in the first order. Therefore, the order of increasing the levels of talents is as follows:

Elemental skill(E) -> Elemental Burst(Q) -> Normal attack

If you want to use Nahida to deal damage as your main character, then you definitely need to level up Normal attack by at least a few levels.

Nahida best Constellation in Genshin Impact

Nahida has very useful constellations, so if you have the opportunity, it would be best to open all of her C6 constellations, then Nahida’s effectiveness will be maximum, because each constellation increases the damage of the party as a whole.

If you do not have the opportunity to open all the constellations, then C1 and C2 can be considered the most useful, since they maximize the damage of the party. Other constellation are open if possible.

Best Artifacts for Nahida

Nahida’s main stat that determines ability damage is Elemental Mastery. Therefore, when choosing artifacts, you should choose those that contain it. It is also worth choosing as secondary characteristics: CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG and Energy Recharge.

It is worth noting that the priority of characteristics may change depending on the value of Nahida’s Elemental Mastery or another character in the party. Because in most cases, Nahida’s effective Elemental Mastery is 1000 value. Therefore, if we take into account the passive skill that increases Elemental Mastery inside the Nahida’s elemental burst, you need to up Elemental Mastery to 750 value in the characteristics of artifacts. Moreover, Nahida herself doesn’t have to have 750 Elemental Mastery, perhaps you will have another character with needed value of this characteristic. In this case, it will be more efficient for Nahida to pick up other stats in artifacts, such as Crit or Energy Recharge.

As for artifact sets, there are clear priorities for selection best Nahida build.

Deepwood Memories
If Nahida is going to be a support or Sub DPS, then the best choice would be equip this set on her and collect 750 Elemental Mastery to increase damage of the main DPS character. In this case, the set bonus will work as efficiently as possible, as it reduces the resistance of Dendro in opponents by 30% even when Nahida is not active character. At the same time, she can deal Dendro damage and thus renew the debuff on opponents using this set as efficiently as possible.

Gilded Dreams
This set is recommended if Nahida is going to be your main DPS character in party or if you want to deal damage with her main attacks often. Also, Gilded Dreams can be effective if you can’t get 750 Elemental Mastery with Deepwood Memories or other artifacts that increase this stat. The set bonus from two items allows you to get 80 Elemental Mastery, and if you put four pieces of the set on Nahida, she will receive another 50 Elemental Mastery from each character in the patry whose element doesn’t match Nahida’s element.

In any case, it will be more effective to use this set to deal damage, because Nahida will also receive an attack bonus. And if another character has a Deepwood Memories set that reduces Dendro’s opponents’ resistance, then the damage will be dealt as efficiently as possible.

Gilded Dreams(2) + Wanderer’s Troupe(2)
This option is recommended if you don’t already have a full set of Deepwood Memories or Gilded Dreams with good stats. Therefore, as an option, you can get the first two bonuses from different sets, depending on the required characteristics. Usually, in the first stage, you can take two bonuses to increase Elemental Mastery in order to reach the required value for Nahida.

Best Weapon for Nahida

A Thousand Floating Dreams (5*)
This is Nahida’s signature weapon, and it’s no surprise that it’s the most effective for her. The weapon allows you to get a fairly large value of Elemental Mastery, and besides this, an increase in elemental damage if there are characters in the party with other elements that don’t match the Nahida element. In addition, A Thousand Floating Dreams also increases all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 40 points, except for the owner of the weapon.

Kagura’s Verity (5*)
This weapon is quite a bit less effective than the signature A Thousand Floating Dreams. Adds a lot of critical damage to the character, and also increases elemental damage by 36% when three stacks are reached. For using Nahida as a main DPS is definitely the best weapon, but if Nahida is in your squad as a support or sub dps, then it will be more efficient to put Kagura’s Verity on another character, such as Yae Miko, for whom it is signature.

The Wisith (4*)
It is a good weapon choice if you don’t have a better 5-star weapon for Nahida. Adds quite a lot of critical damage and allows you to get useful bonuses such as increased elemental mastery and increased elemental damage. Unfortunately, the weapon buff works randomly and if you get a buff to increase attack damage, then it will be of little use to Nahida. But this is the only disadvantage of this weapon.

Mappa Mare (4*)
A good weapon for Nahida and also easily accessible because it can be crafted at the blacksmith. All of the buffs and stats of this weapon are useful for Nahida, although it is inferior in effectiveness to the other options higher on this list, but you can still equip it on the Nahida and it will be effective.

Magic Guide (3*)
Even though it is a 3 star weapon, at refinement rank 5 it can be even more effective than Mappa Mare as the Magic Guide adds a lot of elemental mastery. Unfortunately it doesn’t add much ATK, but elemental mastery is more useful for Nahida. Therefore, if for some reason you do not have better weapon, this suited for Nahida.