Guide: Faruzan Best Build, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellation and Talents in Genshin Impact

Guide: Faruzan Best Build, Weapons, Artifacts, Constellation and Talents in Genshin Impact

Faruzan is a 4-star ameno character who uses a bow as a weapon. She is a scholar from Sumeru Akademiya and also a member of Haravatat Darshan. Well versed in ancient texts and artifacts. In this guide, we will tell you in detail how to play as Faruzan, what weapons and artifacts you need, as well as explain the priority of talent upgrades and note effective constellations.

How to get Faruzan in Genshin Impact

Faruzan can now be obtained with an increased chance from the From Ashes Reborn banner, and Wanderer can also be obtained from it. Once this banner is completed, Faruzan will appear in the standard Wanderlust Invocation banner.

From Ashes Reborn banner

Constellations on Faruzan can be obtained along with a copy of the character if it falls out as a duplicate.

What characteristics increase when pumping Faruzan?

Faruzan’s main stat that will increase with character ascension is Attack. In addition, the values of HP and Def will also increase.

Faruzan’s abilities in Genshin Impact

Faruzan’s abilities are aimed at strengthening party buffs, and also helps to pull opponents in battle to deal more damage. In addition, it weakens the resistance to Anemo elements of opponents, which is great for Anemo party

Parthian Shot (Normal Attack) – when using a normal attack, makes up to four shots from a bow. If you use a charged attack while aiming, the arrow is charged with anemo energy and deals increased damage.

Wind realm of Nasamjnin (Elemental Skill) – When used, deals damage in an area in front of the character, but also applies the Manifest Gale effect on Faruzan. When a shot is charged, this effect is consumed, but charges the arrow, after which an area is created at the point of impact, pulling enemies and destructible objects. Moreover, this effect works even if the opponents were not hit by a shot.

The Wind’s Secret Ways (Elemental Burst) – When used, creates a Dazzling Polyhedron that releases a Whirlwind Pulse that deals AoE Anemo damage. This Polyhedron moves around the battlefield, its trajectory looks like a triangle. When the Dazzling Polyhedron reaches the top of the triangle in its movement path, it releases a Whirlwind Pulse.

When Whirlwind Pulse hits an enemy, they are debuffed with Perfidious Wind’s Bale, reducing resistance to Anemo damage by 30% for 4 seconds. Whirlwind Pulse applies the Prayerful Wind’s Benefit buff to characters, increasing Anemo damage for 4 seconds.

Faruzan Talent Priority

The main ability that is worth pumping first of all is The Wind’s Secret Ways (Elemental Burst), as it allows you to best implement Faruzan as a buffer for the party. Because with an increase in the level of ability, anemo damage increases. Accordingly, Elemental Burst should be pumped to level 9-10 in the first place.

Wind realm of Nasamjnin (Elemental Skill) is also an important ability to level second because with the Impetuous Flow passive it also reduces resistance to Anemo damage like Elemental Burst.

Normal Attack is only worth leveling if you use Faruzan as your main DPS.


Faruzan best Constellation in Genshin Impact

The most effective and best constellations are C2, C4 and C6. In the following, we will explain this choice in detail and describe the benefits of these constellations.

Second constellation (C2) Overzealous Intellect – Increases the duration of Elemental Burst, making it the most effective constellation. Because in this way, Elemental Burst lasts not 12 seconds, but 18 seconds, which in turn allows the buff to increase anemo damage to work one more time than without it.

Fourth constellation (C4) Divine Comprehension – helps to solve the problem with gaining energy for using Elemental Burst, since when using this constellation Elemental Skill starts generating 4 units of energy each time it is used.

Sixth constellation (С6) The Wondrous Path of Truth – while The Wind’s Secret Ways is active, the active character’s critical damage is increased by 40%, which deals Anemo damage. In addition, this increases the effectiveness of Faruzan herself, both as a DPS and as a buffer for the party.

Advantages and disadvantages of Faruzan in Genshin Impact

After we have considered all the abilities, talents and constellation, we can conclude about the strengths and weaknesses of this character. Let’s talk about the advantages first:

  • Faruzan is a great support and buffer for Anemo DPS party.
  • Reduces the resistance of enemies to Ameno damage, and also increases the damage of allies when using Elemental Burst.
  • Can effectively control enemies by pulling them together and dealing AOE damage. Allowing other characters to deal their damage more effectively when opponents are nearby.
  • Using the passive talent Impetuous Flow reduces the charge time of Faruzan’s Aimed Shot, which allows you to quickly pull enemies in the right place. At the same time, this talent also reduces the resistance to Anemo damage e of opponents.
  • With the right artifacts and weapons, he can potentially take the role of main DPS using his own buffs to increase damage.

Now it’s time to talk about the disadvantages of Faruzan:

  • The cost of Elemental Burst is 80 energy, which is quite a lot. And also this ability is the main effective feature of Faruzan, besides it has a rather long cooldown.
  • Faruzan’s buffs only work on Ameno damage, which greatly limits the choice of characters in the squad.
  • Faruzan has a fairly low base attack that requires a lot of attack in artifacts if you’re going to use her as your main DPS.
  • Due to its low base HP and defense, it requires a healer or a shielded character to be in the party if Faruzan is active in combat long enough.

Faruzan Best Builds in Genshin Impact

Farzan is a strong Anemo buffer that can boost the damage of other characters dealing damage from the same element. In addition, it also enhances the damage of its own abilities. Therefore, it is easiest to implement it as a support in patri.

Next, we will indicate the priorities of characteristics for artifacts that should be recruited in the first place.

If Faruzan is used as a support in a party, her first priority will be to build enough Energy Recharge to ensure she can use Elemental Burst on cooldown. The rest of the stats, such as attack power and critical damage, are only needed for Faruzan herself if you want her to deal damage herself. Elemental Mastery is worth collecting if you need to increase the damage from elemental reactions.

Optimum performance values for Faruzan:

  • Energy Recharge: minimum 220% or more
  • ATK: Minimum 1500 or more
  • Crit damage and Crit Rate: A ratio of 1:2 is recommended, such as 60 crit rate / 120 crit damage.
  • Elemental Mastery (if you’re playing with elemental reactions): approximately 250-300 units.

The best weapon for Faruzan

If you want to use Faruzan as a support in a party, then you need to pick up weapons with Energy Recharge. If she is in the role of main DPS, then you should pick up weapons with ATK, Crit damage and Crit Rate.

For Faruzan as a support, it is recommended to use weapons from the list below:

Elegy for the End – Best for buffing patry, as Faruzan’s elemental damage will further increase the ATK and Elemental Mastery of the active character when they accumulate four stacks of Sigil of Remembrance.

Sacrificial Bow – allows you to use the Elemental Skill more often, since with some probability it will instantly restore the ability when using it.

Favonius Warbow – is a good weapon, as it allows you to quickly gain energy for using Elemental Burst due to critical hits on enemies.