Guide: How to Lower World Level in Genshin Impact

Guide: How to Lower World Level in Genshin Impact

Usually, Genshin Impact players don’t have questions about how to up world level in the game, because it becomes clear during the gameplay and there are a lot of tips and hints in the game on how to do it. But we are faced with a lot of questions about how to lower the world level in the game. Such questions often arise among players who have recently started playing, but have already achieved success in the game and upgraded the main characters.

This feature is really in the game and it is intended for those players who do not like difficult challenges or who prefer easier gameplay with friends. Now we will explain how to Lower World Level without any problems.

How the world level down system works in Genshin Impact

First, it’s worth noting that this feature is not available to all players, but only to those who have already upgraded their world level to Level 5 (which means that you have reached 40 Adventure Rank).

There is one more restriction on lowering world level. Unfortunately, you can only go down one level. This means that you will not be able to downgrade a world from five to three or two, you will only be given the option to downgrade to world level four. After that, the opponents will become simpler and easier to defeat, but the truth and loot with a lower world level will become less valuable. Moreover, this rule applies to all rewards, even when receiving Ley Line Outcrops.

There is one more important note! You can only change World Level once every 24 hours. After this period has passed, you can return the level to its previous value.

How to level down the world in Genshin Impact

  1. Open the Paimon menu.
  2. Next you need to click on the “i” icon next to the “World Level” value.
  3. Paimon menu world level
  4. Next, click on the “Lower World Level” button and Confirm your Adjustment.
Lower World Level