Guide: How to complete Bounty in Genshin Impact

Guide: How to complete Bounty in Genshin Impact

Bounty is a weekly activity that is recommended if you want to increase your reputation in Mondstadt or other cities. For each Bounty, you will receive reputation points related to the city where you took the task as a reward. For the maximum level of reputation, you can get the Wind Glider, which we wrote about earlier. In this guide, we will analyze in detail how to perform a Bounty if you encounter difficulties and do not fully understand what needs to be done.

Genshin Impact Quest

While Bounty initially looks like a regular quest, completing it doesn’t quite look like Commissions or other activities.

How to complete Bounty

  1. Talk to one of the NPCs that gives you the Bounty.
    • Mondstadt: Hertha (Coordinator, Knights of Favonius)
    • Liyue Harbor: Ms. Yu (Secretary, Ministry of Civil Affairs)

    After you ask a character about your reputation, an interface will open with activities that help increase the level of reputation in that region. Here you need to select the item Bounties. After that, you will be offered a choice of three Bounty with different difficulty levels of opponents and, accordingly, with different amounts of reputation as a reward of 60, 80 or 100 Reputation EXP.

    Genshin Impact Bounty

    Since you can only complete three Bounties per week, it is recommended that you complete the third one in the 5-star Bounty list, which gives 100 Reputation EXP. Thus, in the end, you will be able to get 300 Reputation EXP by completing all available Bounty.

    Since the tasks for completing the Bounty change every week, we will not describe the passage of each task separately. Instead, we will teach you to understand and understand what needs to be done.

  2. Find the monster’s traces in the area indicated on the map
  3. You will have a map showing the area where you can find the desired monster. There is also a description and Target’s Special Traits to make it easier for you to figure out who you need to track down.

    Genshin Impact bounty map

    When you move or reach an area on the map, you will start a ten-minute timer to find and kill the monster. Therefore, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the details of the quest.

  4. How to find monster tracks
  5. Traces can be plants, mushrooms, other small objects or enemies. To quickly spot traces, you need to use Elemental Sight (mouse wheel hold). When inside the marked area, you will see rays that indicate the direction in which you need to move in order to find the trail. The object itself with which you will need to interact will also be selected.

    Genshin Impact bounty trace

    In total, you need to find 3 items of traces, after which Elemental Sight will begin to indicate the path to the monster that needs to be killed.

    Find and defeat the monster

    Genshin Impact bounty target

    The monster will be marked with a special marker above it, and correspond in strength to the task that you have chosen. Now you need to defeat him and return to the city for a reward.

After that, you can immediately proceed to the next Bounty if you have not yet completed the weekly limit. Now you can complete any Bounty and upgrade your reputation level.