Guide: How to Get the Spider-Man Suits in Fortnite

Guide: How to Get the Spider-Man Suits in Fortnite

Fortnite started Chapter 3 of Season 1, bringing a lot of new content to the game. At the same time, most of the players are lured by the Spider-Man skins (which is clearly connected with the promo campaign of the next Marvel film: “Spider-Man: No Way Home”).

I have prepared a guide to tell you how you can get these skins.

How to unlock Spider-Man skin

It’s pretty simple. The Spiderman Suit are issued as a reward for leveling up the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks.
What costumes can be obtained in the game and for what merits:

Spider-Man Suit can be obtained for 9 Battle Stars. To access it, pump to level 80 or pick up 73 awards.

Spider-Man Suit

Symbiote Suit will cost you 8 stars. You can get it by pumping the pass to level 90 or by purchasing 90 awards from the previous pages for the stars.

Symbiote Suit

Spider-Man (Future Foundation) Suit is the most expensive. To get it, you need to buy all the rewards of the Battle Pass (and there are already 105 of them). It is located on the second page of additional awards and is worth an impressive 30 stars.

Spider-Man (Future Foundation) Suit

In general, if you really need these suits, you will have to grind a lot. The only good news is you have plenty of time: the chapter will be available until March 19, 2022.

How to get Battle Stars in Fortnite

The system of battle stars in the game appeared from the 8th season of the previous chapter. You can get them by pumping a battle pass – for the next level, the game pours out a little of the coveted currency to buy rewards.

You can pump the level as follows:

    1. Just play by killing enemies.
    2. Complete daily and seasonal quests.
    3. Complete character quests.
    4. Perform small actions during the game (fishing, hunting, and so on).
    5. Spend V-Bucks on it. The obvious solution for a shareware game: for money, you can skip the battle pass levels, getting stars for it. If you are an active player (or plan to stay for a long time), we recommend that you buy a Fortnite Crew subscription – this way you will get V-Bucks and additional content at the same time. If you are not going to play every day or quit grind in a week, then buying a subscription is definitely not worth it.