Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is an interesting open-world anime-style game that is rapidly gaining popularity among players from all over the world. This game is pretty easy to play, because the combat mechanics and gameplay are as simple as possible. But, nevertheless, there are nuances that not all players can understand. Since you started or want to start playing Genshin Impact, you can learn all the basics of the game by reading our starter guide.


  1. What platform to choose for playing Genshin Impact?
  2. All information about the ranks of the adventures
  3. What is “Anemoculus” and why are they needed
  4. Waypoints for teleportation
  5. How to make heroes stronger in Genshin Impact
  6. Choosing characters and gathering a group
  7. What are Wishes and what are they for
  8. What is “Test Run” in Genshin Impact

1. What platform to choose for playing Genshin Impact?

When choosing a platform, you should consider the possibility of cross-platform gaming. In this case, all your game progress will be saved on your account, and not on the device. This is very convenient save system because you don’t have to worry about having to go through all over again on some device. You can play on PC, tablet or smartphone using one account. To do this, you will need to understand how the to save system works on different devices.

How to upload save files from another platform to Genshin Impact:

1. Click on the icon located at the bottom right of the screen;
2. Fill in the fields with the username and password of the account from which you want to load the save;
3. Wait for synchronization and enter the game.

How does the save system work? Everything is very simple. All of your gameplay is saved to your account, not the device you are playing on.

Please note: If you are playing on PS4 or Nintendo Switch, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the cross-save function.

2. All information about the ranks of the adventures

The most important thing that you will devote most of your time playing Genshin Impact is completing quests. You need to complete God’s main questline as quickly as possible in order to gain enough adventure XP. The more experience you gain, the faster you will increase your adventure rank.

Adventure rank

What are Adventure Ranks for:

• Increase in the level of world loot;
• Unlocking the maximum levels for heroes and equipment;
• Gaining access to features such as multiplayer mode and daily missions;
• Opening more objects in settlements that will be useful in the future.

The beginner’s first goal is to get a rank 12 adventure.

As the adventure rises in rank, the player gains access to new features. Your first task is to reach rank 12 to unlock the daily missions. They are quests that are updated every day. For completing them, you will be given a large amount of adventure experience.

Adventure Rank Reward Table

Adventure Rank Reward
12 Daily Missions: Daily reset missions that reward Adventure XP and materials.
14 Expeditions: allows you to send heroes that are not part of the group you have collected on missions. Heroes bring various materials and food from expeditions.
16 Multiplayer Mode: Allows you to play with other players online.
20 Global loot level up (1): Increased enemy levels and loot rarity.
25 Global loot level up(2): Increased enemy levels and loot rarity.

For adventure rank rewards, see Katheryne: Receptionist, Adventurers’ Guild. It is located in Mondstadt City and is marked with a four-pointed star on the map (see screenshot below).

Katheryne: Receptionist, Adventurers' Guild

3. What is “Anemoculus” and why are they needed

Anemoculus are items that are used as an offering to the Statue of The Seven. This rare resource can be found in the open world at one of 65 locations on the map.

There is a good reward for worshiping the Statue of the Seven:

• Stamina;
• Adventure EXP;
• Primogem;
• Anemo Sigil.

The screenshot below shows how much and what you get if you give Statue of The Seven one Anemoculus.

Statue of the Seven

Anemoculus are objects that appear on the map only if you get too close to them. If you find an Anemoculus, then immediately take it away, otherwise it will disappear.

The developers of the game, given the value of these items, made it difficult to find them. It is clear why. If anemoculus were scattered everywhere, they would not be of any value. To find the place of spawn(spawn) of anemoculus, use the interactive map Genshin Impact.

4. Waypoints for teleportation

The game world of Genshin Impact is huge and in order to quickly move from one place to another, you need to open waypoints. They are small pillars that you can interact with. If you unlock a teleportation point, the pillar turns blue.

How to quickly move around the world:
1. Open the map (key M by default);
2. Find a place on the map for fast travel Teleport marker;
3. Move the mouse over the icon of the waypoint to which you want to teleport;
4. Click Teleport.

This is important: we recommend that you take the time to unlock waypoints located in hard-to-reach places, such as high mountains, towers, etc. Even if you don’t need them now, unlock them anyway. You may need these waypoints in the future.

5. How to make heroes stronger in Genshin Impact

In order to become stronger in the game, to gain access to improved loot, difficult challenges and other opportunities, you need to increase your overall power rating. This can be done in the following ways:

• Strengthening weapons;
• Development of heroes;
• Obtaining and improving artifacts.

Features of the evolution of heroes

The table below shows the main ways to evolve any hero that is in your collection.

Way of evolution Explanation
Level up Level up of the hero increases his characteristics. Use experience items and kill opponents for level up.
Constellations When using “Stella Fortuna”, an item that is issued as compensation for obtaining a duplicate hero, you can enhance a specific hero up to six times. Of course, this is a difficult way to evolve, but it is quite effective and gives good bonuses to abilities.
Talents They strengthen the hero’s attacks and make him much stronger. Requires Ascension.
Ascensions To level up your character to the maximum and take advantage of the Ascension function, you will need to obtain certain materials and reach adventure rank limit.

Evolve only one character at the beginning of the game


Many players believe that it is better to improve all the characters a little bit than to invest all the resources in the evolve of one hero. In fact, this is a fundamentally wrong decision. By starting to develop all the heroes at once, you will not increase the overall power of the group. All heroes will be a little improved, but in reality, they will be weak.

At the beginning of the game, you should only improve one character with an attacking role. With him alone, you can go through the initial content without the need to download other heroes. Who should you upgrade first? We advise you to download the base hero – the Traveler. The rest of the heroes that you get as you progress through the story campaign will sooner or later be replaced by others, stronger ones, and the Traveler will remain useful at all stages of the gameplay, so concentrate on him.

Weapon upgrade system

In general, improving weapons is no different from developing heroes.

Way of evolution Explanation
Level up With each level, the general characteristics of the weapon increase. To gain experience for a sword, bow, staff, etc., collect materials or use other weapons as an upgrade.
Ascensions Once you reach your maximum weapon experience, you can use Ascension. The feature is available at the last adventure rank.
Training You can upgrade weapons up to 6 times (Lv.90) using materials.

Please note: there is no point in improving weapons in the early stages of the game. It’s just a waste of time. If you’re a beginner, focus on other aspects of the game. However, if you still want to upgrade weapons, upgrade only one weapon, and not all at once.

More about artifacts

Artifacts are like accessories for heroes that have bonuses to their characteristics. Each hero has 5 slots for various artifacts (1 for each slot). Unlike weapons and heroes, the level of these items can only be raised by “injecting” other artifacts into them.

Artifact slots explained

Icon Slot name Effect
Circlet of Logos Circlet of Logos Randomly affects the indicators of attack, health, defense, physical and elemental damage.
Goblet of Eonothem Goblet of Eonothem Randomly affects the indicators of attack, health, defense, bonus physical damage and mastery of the elements.
Sands of Eon Sands of Eon Increases the hero’s defense rating.
Plume of Death Plume of Death Increases the attack power of the hero.
Flower of Life Flower of Life Increases the hero’s health.

Artifact set bonuses

After collecting several items from the set of artifacts, you receive a bonus to characteristics. For example, if at the initial stage of the game you put on one hero 2 items from the “Healer” set, then the amount of healing he receives will increase by 20%. And if you put on 4 items from the “Healer” set, the hero will receive a second bonus – using an explosion of elements will restore 20% of his health.

Attention: at the beginning of the game, try to wear sets of artifacts in order to strengthen the heroes in order to make it easier to complete the story campaign.

Where can I get artifacts?

Artifacts are given as a reward for various quests, created by the player himself and dropped out as random loot from chests.

Do I need to level up artifacts at the beginning of the game?

We do not recommend focusing on increasing the level of artifacts at the beginning of the gameplay. Leave this activity for later. The most correct solution is to collect artifacts, and then use them as materials for upgrading artifacts with 3 stars and higher.

6. Choosing characters and gathering a group

All heroes in Genshin Impact are conventionally divided into categories (tiers) according to the degree of efficiency and power:

  • Tier S – The most powerful heroes in the game;
  • Tier A – Heroes that are slightly weaker than in Tier S. Can easily replace the best heroes;
  • Tier B – Heroes of average power;
  • Tier C – Weak heroes in the game;
  • Tier D – The weakest and most useless heroes.

The screenshot below shows all the characters currently in Genshin Impact, sorted into categories.

Tier list

How to properly assemble a group in Genshin Impact

As mentioned above, in the early stages of the game, you can complete story quests with the help of 1 character – the Traveler. If you often encounter problems during the main quests, gather a group of characters with different types of elements and weapons. This will make the team stronger and speed up the passage of the story campaign, even if all the heroes are not very strong.

More about the combination of elements

Elemental reactions/combinations are special effects that are activated when enemies are hit with a series of various elemental attacks. For example, if one hero deals lightning damage to a target, and then another attacks it with fire skills, the “Overloaded” effect is triggered, forming a strong explosion, causing AOE damage and setting the enemy on fire.

Simply put, by combining heroes of different elements, you will more effectively deal with enemies and go through difficult content without any problems.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of combining the elements, be sure to read our Elements Guide.

Recommendations for the composition of the group

Your team should have heroes of the following roles:

  • First minor hero (support);
  • Second minor hero (support);
  • Healer hero;
  • Attacking hero (DPS).

At the beginning of the game, you can form a group of any heroes that you have in your collection and are suitable for these roles. In the future, you need to replace them with stronger ones – from Tier List A or B (perfect from Tier List S, but it is very difficult to get them).

You can find more information on characters and grouping in Genshin Impact here: Detailed Characters Guide.

7. What are Wishes and what are they for

Wishes are a system inherent in Chinese games. Using it, you get a chance to add a rare character or random items to your collection. To pray, you need to click on the star icon (located in the upper right). In the wishes window that opens, select the one for which you have currency and hope that you will get something good.

Beginners wish

Types of Wishes

Genshin Impact has several types of wishes, presented in the form of banners:

  • Beginner’s wishes. Available for all new characters and is activated for Acquaint Fate (1-10 pcs.) or Primogem (160-1600 pcs.). If you wish 10 times, then with a 100% probability you will receive a random hero with 4 stars;
  • Weapon event wishes. Lasts for a specific time and offers players valuable rewards in the form of a random 5-star weapon. To activate the temporary prayer, you will need 1-10 items Intertwined Fate or the Stone of the Source (160-1600 pcs.);
  • Character event wishes. Lasts for a certain time and offers players valuable rewards in the form of a random 5-star hero. To activate the temporary wish, you will need 1-10 items Intertwined Fate or Primogem (160-1600 pcs.);
  • Standard wishes. You can activate a standard wish using the Acquaint Fate item. For 1 wish you need 1 or 10 pcs. Instead of Acquaint Fate, you can use Primogem (160-1600 pcs.). The list of possible rewards is indicated in the banner information (it does not change).

Chances of getting items and heroes from prayers


The gacha system in Chinese games is unpredictable and sometimes frustrating. However, the developers of Genshin Impact took mercy on the players and introduced a 100% guarantee to receive a valuable reward when performing a certain number of prayers. If you are not going to try your luck and spend money on “opening” wishes, a table with the chances of a particularly valuable item will come in handy.

Probability of receiving a reward for Standard wishes
Award type Drop chance
Rank 1 heroes and items 94%
Rank 2 heroes and items 1%
Rank 3 heroes and items 0,6%
Probability of receiving a reward for the wishes of character/weapon events
Award type Drop chance
Rank 1 heroes and items 85%
Rank 2 heroes and items 13%
Rank 3 heroes and items 1,6%

Important: we recommend choosing a character/weapon event wish, rather than the standard one, since the chances of getting a valuable reward, in this case, are greater. In addition, for every 10 prayers, you are guaranteed to receive a hero or item with 4 stars, and for 90 prayers you are entitled to a 5-star hero or item.

8. What is “Test Run” in Genshin Impact

The game has an event called “Test Run”. It is active for a certain time and allows new players to test the characteristics of a rare character (indicated on the event banner).

After starting the test, you will move to the dungeon. At this moment, a rare character will be added to your group and you can test it, see skills and so on. After completing the challenge level, do not forget to collect rewards. Then you have two choices – to continue the “Test Run” to play more test heroes, or leave him.


You can play the event an unlimited number of times, but you will receive rewards for it once. As a reward for your test run, you will be given Primogem or Adventurer’s Experience. The reward depends on which event you have chosen.

Types of Test Run

This is what the test runs look like at the moment:

Test Runs

For testing a 5-star character, you will receive the Primogem (20), and for testing a 4-star hero, Adventurer’s Experience (6).

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