How to unlock Flying in Zereth Mortis

How to unlock Flying in Zereth Mortis

In order to unlock flying in Zereth Mortis, you will need to complete the Unlocking the Secrets achievement, which in turn consists of six achievements that require you to perform different activities in the new patch 9.2 location.

All you have to do is explore a new location, kill rares, search for treasures and complete the story campaign quests, as well as side quest chains, but don’t worry, all this is done quite easily and quickly. The only long-term limitation you will encounter is the achievement A Means to an End, which will only unlock on the fourth week after the release of the patch. Everything else you can do during the first week or even in one day.

The Unlocking the Secrets achievement includes the following items:

  • Explore Zereth Mortis
  • Curious Collections
  • Path to Enlightenment
  • Tales of the Exile
  • Adventures in Zereth Mortis
  • A Means to an End

Explore Zereth Mortis

To get this achievement, you just need to unlock the entire map of the new location. To do this, simply walk through all the key points of the map. For convenience, below is a list with coordinate commands that you need to enter in the chat and a mark will be placed on your map where you need to go to open this zone. For the commands to work, I advise you to use the Tom Tom addon.

  • /way 38 63 The Great Veldt
  • /way 40 41 Terrace of Formation
  • /way 57 31 Deserted Overlook
  • /way 59 22 The Dread Portal
  • /way 40 72 Genesis Fields
  • /way 59 51 Pilgrim’s Grace
  • /way 66 36 Arrangement Index
  • /way 51 29 Resonant Peaks
  • /way 34 68 Haven
  • /way 36 43 Faith’s Repose
  • /way 44 87 Catalyst Gardens
  • /way 52 72 Dimensional Falls
  • /way 46 64 Provis Fauna
  • /way 41 31 Zovaal’s Grasp
  • /way 54 47 Plain of Actualization
  • /way 56 84 Lexical Glade
  • /way 27 53 Path of Inception

Curious Collections

To get this achievement, you need to find and collect a total of 5 treasures that are hidden in Zereth Mortis. You can choose any five treasures listed in the achievement list. For some, you will have to solve puzzles to collect them, so below is a table with coordinates and a video on how to find all the treasures from this achievement.

Treasure Coordinates Note Video
Library Vault 58.84 77.15 Click on the sign to open the chest
Damaged Jiro Stash 38.27 37.23 Climb up the pole
Forgotten Proto-Vault 66.81 69.44 Requires Door of Shadows / Flight / Local Quest: Frog’it

Path to Enlightenment

You can get this achievement after completing the third chapter of the Zereth Mortis story company and it opened only in the second week after the release of patch 9.2. To get the achievement, you need to go through three quest chains, some quests from these chains give reputation with the new faction, so we do not recommend skipping them.

The Small Pet Problems chain starts in the hideout area: