How to quickly raise your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

How to quickly raise your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

Raising the Adventure Rank unlocks many new opportunities as it rises. At the start of the game, you may have the problem that there is no way to increase the level of your characters above 20, while your Adventure Rank is very low. Also, you can’t have access to pass some Domains and open the world map due to the too high level of opponents and other difficulties. When you increase the Adventure Rank, such opportunities open up as: co-op, new quests and a storyline. As with other rank-up RPG games, you will need to gain more experience for the next one. This process can be quite lengthy, so we’ve put together a guide to help you increase your Adventure Rank as quickly as possible.

Unique challenges to gain experience

This is one of the easiest but most effective ways to gain experience at the start of the game. The tasks in the Adventurer Handbook are unique and usually do not repeat themselves. But this will help you not only quickly raise several levels, but also get a lot of necessary resources for other purposes.

Adventurer Handbook

The main advantage of this method is the fast completion of tasks. You only need a few minutes to complete some of them. For completing each task, you will receive 100 EXP. You can complete tasks such as cooking or opening chests during the game, without even focusing on it.

The main tasks are divided into chapters and you will have to complete them one by one. As you progress, the amount of experience gained will increase.

Passing Domains

This is another way to get the adventure experience that is available at the start of the game. The first dungeon opens at 12 Adventure Ganges (Temple of the Falcon) and offers very good rewards beyond experience. Unfortunately, you can only get the award once. Cecilia Garden opens at level 16. Therefore, you should pay attention to the reward before passing.

Passing Domains

You can get 100 EXP for each playthrough, it can take a little longer than other activities in the game, but nevertheless, it is also effective.

Daily Commissions from Guild

This is one of the best ways to earn adventure experience. In order to open the opportunity to perform commissions, you need to recruit 12 Adventure Rank. You can then activate them in your Adventurer Handbook by talking to Katheryne, Receptionist, Adventurers’ Guild. After that, the second Commissions tab will appear in your Adventurer Handbook and you can proceed with the implementation.

Daily Commissions

There are 4 commissions available per day, they are very simple and you should not have any problems with completing them. If you have already opened most of the teleportation points on the map as we advised in the starting guide, then it should not take you long to complete them. For each commission, you get 200 experience and 500 more after completing all 4 commissions. Agree, this is a very effective experience compared to the effort.


Raids of bosses and strong enemies

If you run out of daily commissions or are tired of fulfilling them, then you can play more interesting gameplay and at the same time get an adventure experience.

Boss fight

You can open the Enemies tab in Adventurer Handbook and select enemies that are suitable for you in terms of level, for which you will receive the most experience. You can choose not very strong opponents that you can kill with your group. For example, Cryo Abyss Mage or Ley Line Outcrops, which are not far from Mondstadt. They are easy to defeat and you will receive 100 EXP for killing. As you level up, you can choose stronger enemies for which they give 200 EXP, and for weekly bosses, they give 300 EXP.

Exploration, World Quests and Campaign

The most obvious and easiest way is to explore the world. Locations in Genshin Impact are quite large and contain many interesting places. This will not only help you increase your Adventure Rank, but also discover the beauty of the locations and find many treasures. If you like exploring the area, looking for chests, and solving puzzles, then this method is perfect for you. Along the way, you can open many points of teleportation, the Statue of Seven, defeat various opponents for which you can also gain experience.

Story Quest

In addition to all of the above, you can collect orbs of Anemoculus, which are needed to increase the level of the Statue of Seven, and therefore increase the characteristics of the character and the Adventure Rank. It’s a long way, but very fun.

Another way to gain adventure experience is by completing a story. This is also a very exciting process and you may not even notice how you raise several Adventure Ranks after completing the story campaign. Since for the completion of a story quest, you usually get several hundred experience points.

It is worth noting that this is still a rather long way of increasing Rank than killing bosses and completing daily commissions, but towards the late game, it becomes an effective way to gain experience.

Adventure Rank reward

If you are looking to increase your Adventure Rank as quickly as possible, then we advise you to tackle the Daily Commissions and killing Bosses. We hope that after reading this guide, you already know exactly what you need to do to get the maximum Adventure Rank. Also, do not forget to take the rewards for increasing the Adventure Rank from Katheryne, Receptionist, Adventurers’ Guild.