How to find and fly 200 meters with chicken in Fortnite Guide

How to find and fly 200 meters with chicken in Fortnite Guide

With the launch of the “Winter Festival” event in Fortnite, a task has appeared where you need to fly 200 meters using chicken. Since the completion of the task gives 18,000 experience, I do not advise you to skip it. Therefore, in this guide, I will tell you what to do and where to look for a chicken to do this quest.

Where to Find Chicken in Fortnite

Chickens can appear all over the map, but the easiest way to find them is in the following locations:

  • west of the Daily Bugle;
  • by the river north of the Rocky Reels;
  • next to the gas station (south of the Rocky Reels);
  • at a gas station west of Logjam Lumberyard;
  • southwest of Greasy Grove;
  • in the very center of the map.

It is best to look for chickens in less populated areas. Because in the city, the probability of meeting a chicken is very low.

How to Fly Chicken in Fortnight

It’s much easier than finding a chicken. When you find a bird, you need to run up to it and press the F button. It is worth noting that you need to do this very quickly, because the chicken will not stand and wait while you ride on it. As soon as the chicken sees you, it will immediately start running away.

Now that you have grabbed the chicken, you can jump much higher than before and glide on it. To complete the task, you just need to bounce and glide on the chicken until you fly 200 meters in this way. It is better to climb a hill and jump from there, then the required distance for the quest will be typed faster.

It is worth noting that if you release the chicken, it will immediately start running away from you, so it’s better not to let it go until you complete the quest.