How to change the Traveler’s element in Genshin Impact Guide

How to change the Traveler’s element in Genshin Impact Guide

The protagonist of Genshin Impact is often underestimated. But unlike the rest of Teytvat’s playable characters, he or she knows how to change their element. Moreover, each of the elements of the protagonist gives its own unique skills, talents and constellations.

There are no restrictions on the number of element switchings. When replacing talents and constellations are saved, that is, you do not have to pump anything again.
In this guide, we will tell you how to change the Traveler’s element and which ones are available in the current version 2.0.

What elements are available

At the time of this writing, the main character of Genshin can master only three elements:

  • Anemo (Air).
  • Geo (Earth).
  • Electro.

How to change the element

You can change the element at the statue of the corresponding Archon. Before that, do not forget to add the main character to the squad in order to interact with the statue from his or her face. Then, during the dialogue with the silent statue, the option “Resonate with … (element name)” will appear.
By the way, there is an interesting detail in the game: the character’s clothing changes slightly depending on the chosen element. When Anemo is selected, small decorative elements of the costume have a turquoise hue, Geo – yellow, Electro – purple.

How to switch to Anemo

You get this element initially. To return to her, teleport to any Archon statue in the Mondstadt region.

How to switch to Geo

To get this element, you need to go to the Li Yue region. There are no requirements for the rank of the adventure or the progress of the story quests.
Open any Archon statue in the region to be able to switch to this element.

How to switch to Electro

The Traveler can gain power over Electro from any statue located in Inazuma. You can get to this region only after the 30th rank of adventures as part of the story quest. We have already discussed how to get there in more detail in a separate guide.

If this is your first time, the game will reward you with the Unlimited Power!

And with what element does your Traveler run? Or don’t you take him or her with you? Share in the comments!