Guide: How to Defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Guide: How to Defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Electro Hypostasis is an open world boss like other similar Hypostasis type bosses. You can find him in the Mondstadt location. Defeating him allows you to get quite useful loot consisting of artifacts, Character Ascension Materials, and other rewards associated with the element of electro. In this guide, we will tell you how to kill Electro Hypostasis and what abilities to use against him.

Electro Hypostasis

How to find Electro Hypostasis?

The boss is located in the southeast of Mondstadt. If you already have a teleport waypoint open, you can go straight to Cape Oath or teleport to the dungeon Eagle’s Gate. You can see in the image below where the boss is located.

Electro Hypostasis location

Electro Hypostasis Assassination Strategy

You may have already noticed that Hypostasis bosses are immune to damage for most of the fight, and only for a few seconds they are in a vulnerable form in which they can be attacked. In order to avoid unnecessary damage, during the phase when the boss is protected by a shield, it is better to keep a distance from him and prepare for a quick attack.

When the boss loses his defensive shields, you need to start dealing damage to him as soon as possible, as he will only be unprotected for a few seconds. To do this, you need to carefully monitor the movement of the boss and what abilities he uses.

For dealing damage, it’s best to use elemental abilities to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time. In addition, abilities will be restored during the boss’s defensive phase.

How to kill Electro Hypostasis during the last low HP phase

When the boss has very little HP left, it is covered with an impenetrable shield, which cannot be penetrated by any attacks of the characters. The shield can only be removed if you destroy the three crystals surrounding the boss. In addition, if you fail to destroy the crystals, Electro Hypostasis will restore half of its HP after this phase ends.

Electro-crystals can only be destroyed by dealing elemental damage. Therefore, if you hit with normal attacks, then nothing will work out. The best elemental options for this task are Pyro, Cryo and Geo. If you deal Electro damage, it won’t be effective either.

If you did not even manage to kill all the crystals in the last phase, then the next time the boss’s HP drops to a critical value, he will not use the crystals that you destroyed earlier.

After the shield is removed from the boss, all that remains is to finish him off and get a reward.