Genshin Impact update 3.3. New events, card game and new two characters

Genshin Impact update 3.3. New events, card game and new two characters

miHoYo has released the next 3.3 update for Genshin Impact called “All Senses Clear, All Existence Void”. This patch will continue the Scaramouche story as players get to know the history of Kunikuzushi better.

Scaramouche’s soul after his defeat is reborn and embarks on a new path to reform and become a hero. he will be a new 5-star playable Anemo-hero named Wanderer. In addition, the developers will add a new 4-star character named Faruzan to the game. According to the character’s story, she has spent the last 100 years trapped and is now ready to fight her enemies.

In this patch, both new and old events will be added to the game. A new Card Game will be added to the game in which it will be possible to play both against characters known to us and with friends. The essence of the game is to roll elemental dice that strengthen your heroes and destroy opponents’ cards. As rewards, players will be offered new cards or their animated versions, as is the case in other similar games, such as Hearthstone or Gwent.

Also, the old hide-and-seek event called “Windtrace” will be returned to the game, but with minor changes. Now players who are caught will be able to help their team and set traps to prevent opponents from finding other players. In the “Across the Wilderness” event, players will have to collect balloons in a limited time, and in the “Akitsu Kimodameshi” event, players will have to team up and break blocks of different elements. If you successfully pass the tests, you will be able to get a 4-star sword as a reward.

The release of the new update 3.3 will take place on December 7, 2022 and will last six weeks until January 25, 2023.