Blizzard has announced the development of a new Survival game

Blizzard has announced the development of a new Survival game

After the announcement that Blizzard will soon become part of Microsoft, the developers have begun to attempt to restore the reputation of the studio and are preparing announcements of their projects. One of the announcements was Blizzard’s unexpected announcement of the development of a new survival simulation game. This announcement came as a big surprise to the Blizzard community, because as many of you know, things are not going well for the game studio at the moment. But the head of the company, Mike Ybarra, assures that the company has enough development teams to work on each project, and Blizzard also intends to expand development teams. The official announcement states that the company is looking for developers for a new project. Therefore, it remains to be hoped that the development of a new game will not slow down the release of new content for current Blizzard games.

Blizzard has already proven itself in the development of game genres that are not familiar to them and the ability to surprise gamers with new products. So for now, there is no reason to worry that the company will release a new product of poor quality. Blizzard has yet to reveal any details about the game itself. But having carefully studied the concept art presented on the official website of the company, we can assume that the game will not look standard for its genre. On the art you can see elements of the fantasy world and the real world. It can be assumed that the game will be divided into two types of locations corresponding to each of the worlds, but for now these are just assumptions.

Judging by the fact that the head of Blizzard, Mike Ybarra, has already played the new game and was delighted with it, the game has been in development for quite some time. Naturally, no release date has been announced, but it is said that the game will be released on PC and consoles. It is unlikely that the company will be able to release the game in the near future, most likely it will take several years to develop. Much like it was with Overwatch, after the announcement, the game came out only a few years later.

Open roles for the development of a new game


  • Environment Artist (Associate to Senior)
  • Senior Character Artist
  • Technical Artist (FX Pipeline)
  • VFX Artist (Associate to Senior)
  • Senior Character Concept Artist


  • Associate Level Designer
  • Level Designer


  • Lead Software Engineer, Engine
  • Senior Software Engineer, Audio
  • Senior Software Engineer, Server
  • Senior Software Engineer, Tools